Current Group Member

Dr. Seon Joo Park

Postdoctoral Researcher
Ph.D. Chemical and Biological Engineering,
Seoul National University, 2014
Conductive nanomaterials and nano-device for FET sensor

Jinyeong Kim

LegoChem Biosciences, Inc.
M.S. Chemistry, Chung-Ang University, 2012
Malaria Diagnostics and synthesis of chemical materials

Dr. Chul Soon Park

Postdoctoral Researcher
Ph.D. Polymer Engineering,
Chonnam National University, 2019
Organic & Inorganic interfacing chemistry and biosensor

Kyung Ho Kim

Ph.D Student (co-advisor: Prof . Kyung Jin lee)
Chemical Engineering and Applied Chemistry
Chungnam National University
FET-sensor based on Flexible nanomaterials

Sung Eun Seo

M.S. Student (co-advisor: Prof. Hyoung-il Kim)
Civil & Environmental Engineering
Yonsei University
Triplet-triplet annihilation upconversion for biomedical application

Jiyeon Lee

M.S. Student (co-advisor: Prof . Byoung Dae Lee)
Department of Neuroscience,
Kyunghee University
Lateral Flow Assay and Biosensor for Diagnosis

Seung Ah Byeon

B.S. Molecular Biotechnology
Jeju University, 2019
Biotechonology for biosensor

Student Researcher

So Jung Lee

B.S. Student (co-advisor: with Prof. Choon Sup Ra)
Yeungnam University

Da Seul Kim

B.S. student
Chonnam National University
Department of Biotechnology & Bioengineering,
Biotechnology for Biosensor

Yu Jeong Kim

B.S. student
Pusan National University
Department of Polymer Science & Engineering
Lateral Flow Assay and Biosensor for Diagnosis

Ju Ho Lee

B.S Pharmaceutical Engineering
Inje University, 2019
Organic & Inorganic synthesis and
Infection disease diagnosis